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Microblading (Feather stroke brows) is a semipermanent makeup technique done by using a very fine blade to deposit pigment into the skin. The strokes appear crisp and mimic the natural growth of eyebrow hair. The result is a beautiful, fuller looking eyebrow that looks great on every skin tone and haircolor. The results will last anywhere from 10-18 months depending on skin type and lifestyle. A Color Boost is recommended once a year to retain shape and pigment

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Powder Brows are also a semipermanent makeup technique using a machine to create a more traditional form of tattooed brow. The results are beautiful yet look more like make-up. This method is good for all skin types including oily skin where Microblading may not be appropriate.

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Combo Brows

Combination Brows are a

beautiful mix of Microblading and Machine Shading (Powder Brows)

This technique is great for

anyone who loves the natural 

look of microblading

but still wants the

color density and dimension

of a shaded brow. It is also great

for someone with very sparse

natural brows to help

create the most natural look.