FOR ALL BODY LAB SERVICES :  It is recommended to drink plenty of water at least 72 hours before this appointment and drink plenty of water after. Do not consume any alcohol for up to 48 hours for maximum results. 


An Ionic foot bath detoxification immerses your feet in a small tub of water equipped with a device emitting a low electrical current into the water. The treatment is relaxing and has many benefits.


The ionic foot bath sends positively charged ions throughout the body. The ions attach to negatively charged toxins, neutralizing and discarding them through over 2,000 pores in the feet.


Detoxifying foot baths may boost the immune system, increase energy levels, relieve allergies, and purge the body of heavy metals. After having an ionic foot cleanse you may experience reduced inflammation, significant pain relief, less fluid retention, better memory, and improved sleep patterns.

Identification of toxins:

The colors present in the water during a session with the detoxifying ionic foot bath help you determine what parts of the body have been purified and detoxed during the treatment.

How to enhance the benefits:

Limiting consumption of processed foods and meats, increasing fruit and vegetable intake, and minimizing unnecessary toxins all aid the cleansing process.



A client may NOT receive a foot detoxification treatment if they have implanted medical devices, such as a pacemaker, are breast feeding, or may be pregnant.

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