FOR ALL BODY LAB SERVICES :  It is recommended to drink plenty of water at least 24 hours before this appointment and drink plenty of water after. Do not consume any alcohol for up to 72 hours for maximum results. 

Service area: Stomach, Back, Legs Thighs, Arms, Chin

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Cavi-Lipo is the newest technology in non-invasive liposuction body contouring. This treatment takes just 30 minutes and is great for people looking for fat reduction, cellulite reduction and skin tightening all-in-one treatment.

If you are interested in our Cavi-Lipo body contouring you can request an appointment or call us for more information.

The FDA has approved Cavi-Lipo for use in the US. This technology has been used in over 50 countries with amazing results for the treatment of adipose (fat) areas and cellulite.

Cavi-Lipo is one of the most advanced and efficient systems using Ultrasound Cavitation to breakdown fat cells. The released fat is then metabolized through the liver and released by natural means. Results are usually seen after the first treatment but it is recommended to have a series for best results. This treatment is great for men and women who want to reduce fat deposits on the belly, thighs, hips, breasts, upper arms, double chin or any other troubled area. No pain, no downtime and you can return to your normal activities immediately after treatment.

Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Tightening is a newer aesthetic technique that uses RF energy to heat tissue and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This is the ideal treatment for those looking to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and tighten loose skin. This treatment is a great alternative to facelift and other cosmetic surgeries.


Body cavitation treatments are NOT recommended for the following categories:  

 Pregnant or breastfeeding  

 Metallic implants such as pins, prostheses and pacemakers  

 Intrauterine device (avoid abdomen)  

 Epilepsy  

 Cancer at any time and in any form  

 Blood disorders  

 Internal heat in the body, e.g. fever or acute inflammation  

 Heart disease  

 Kidney and liver disease   

 Severe high blood pressure or circulation problems   

 Deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins,   

 Hemorrhagic disease, trauma, vascular rupture  

 Inflammation of the veins, phlebitis  

 Treatment with anticoagulants, anti-inflammatories or antibiotics  

 Taking steroids for a long time  

 Infections  

 Internal bleeding (e.g. from ulcers)  

 Autoimmune diseases  

 Red, dry and itchy skin rash  

 Urinary incontinence  

 Transmissible disease  

 During menstruation (avoid abdomen)  

 Under 18  

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